Our Legislative Priorities



Appropriate competitive rates for community providers to serve Missourians with disabilities.

Fully Fund Rates for Individuals Receiving Residential Services

  • Standardize all community provider residential reimbursement rates to ensure equitable reimbursement and comply with a ruling from Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Secure competitive rates to ensure community providers have the resources to compete in the workforce and keep pace with the increases to minimum wage and inflation.

Fully Fund Employment Services for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Fully fund DMH-DD supported employment services.
  • Fully fund DESE-Vocational Rehabilitation employment services.

Ensure all Missourians have the opportunity to work in a competitive, integrated setting as the first and preferred choice.

  • Establish Employment First legislation for the State of Missouri.
  • Make Missouri a model employer for people with disabilities.