Governmental Affairs

John Bardgett & Associates

The statewide organization has a unified voice that is represented in the Missouri State Capitol by the renowned firm of John Bardgett & Associates.  John E. Bardgett, Jr. is president of John Bardgett & Associates, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as JBA), which is a political consulting and lobbying firm, primarily focused on representing clients’ interests in the State of Missouri at the legislative, executive, and state department levels.

John is a graduate of Southwest Missouri State University with a B.S. in Business and has been actively engaged in the lobbying and political consulting area for the last 26 years.  JBA’s client list represents some of the top corporations in our country as well as professional and trade associations in our state.  John’s firm has offices in both Jefferson City and St. Louis and, including John, there are five full-time lobbyists that work on JBA clients.

John’s family has been involved in Missouri politics for many years.  John’s father was the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court and formerly served as a St. Louis County Circuit Judge.  His father has served as ex-officio counsel to numerous Speakers of the Missouri House and Presidents of the Missouri Senate of both parties over the last twenty years.

John’s 26 years of lobbying experience and extensive knowledge of the legislative process have earned him the respect of legislators, staff, and bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle.